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Conroe Drug Manufacturing Defense Lawyer

Building a Strong Defense Against Your Manufacturing Charges

Attorney Doug Atkinson is a competent Montgomery County criminal defense lawyer that can provide knowledgeable legal advice if you have been charged with a drug crime such as manufacturing. He has considerable experience in drug cases, and can explain the laws that apply to your situation, as well as possible outcomes to your case. Schedule a case evaluation with the drug manufacturing attorney in Conroe!

Drug Manufacturing Laws in Texas

The manufacturing of illegal drugs such as PCP, LSD, ecstasy and methamphetamines is a criminal offense. It is also against the law to cultivate unlawful substances such as marijuana. Regardless of the size of the operation, if you produce or cultivate drugs in any quantity, you can be charged with drug manufacturing. The possession of equipment and supplies to manufacture drugs such as glassware, chemical agents and solvents, is also illegal.

Conroe Criminal Defense Lawyer

Drug manufacturing is typically charged as a felony. The scale of the manufacturing operation will impact the severity of the charges. There are penalty enhancements for manufacturing facilities located near a school and if weapons were found during the search. A person's prior criminal history will also be considered during sentencing. A guilty verdict in a manufacturing case can result in:

  • Business and personal asset seizure
  • Imprisonment
  • Fines
  • Community service
  • Driver's license suspension

Attorney Atkinson will investigate your charges to determine if any laws were violated regarding wiretaps, search and seizure and other actions taken by law enforcement that lead up to your arrest. Whenever possible, he will seek a reduction in charges or case dismissal. Dough Atkinson will protect your constitutional rights and mount a tough defense in court to help prevent a conviction and minimize sentencing.

Contact a Conroe criminal attorney at our firm if you have been charged with drug manufacturing or cultivation to discuss your legal options and possible defense strategies.