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Parole Hearing Attorney in Conroe

Experienced Counsel throughout Montgomery County, TX

A parole hearing is a chance for you to get out of jail and back to your life. While parole can be difficult, it affords you the best opportunity to live the life you deserve. Make sure you have an experienced Conroe parole hearing lawyer by your side who can represent you and protect your best interests throughout the proceedings. Attorney Doug Atkinson has over 20 years of proven legal service, earning him a 10.0 Superb Avvo Rating.

Put decades of experience on your side by calling (936) 681-0031 or contacting our firm online. You have an advocate ready to fight for you.

Increasing Your Chances at Being Granted Parole

The point of parole is to help an offender get back on their feet after serving time in prison. While parole judges are happy to help people make changes and improve their lives, they also want to make sure the public is not put in harm's way as a result. This means you will need to demonstrate that you are not a risk, and having an attorney will help you do that.

Douglas W. Atkinson, Attorney at Law can help you:

  • Tell your side of the story as to what put you behind bars
  • Demonstrate the progress you made while serving your time
  • Make plans for how you will manage your future
  • Reach realistic outcomes with your parole

Steps Toward Parole

The first task in being granted parole is to write a letter that details your situation. You will be applying for parole, so it is important to make the best possible impression for your readers. Attorney Doug Atkinson can help you ensure your voice is heard. Our firm can also reach out to others for letters that will strengthen your position.

Next, you will have a hearing where you will be asked about your criminal history and what you learned from being in prison. This would be a good time to mention your plans for rehabilitation or therapy programs.

Fighting against Parole Revocation

Unlike criminal trials, losing your parole eligibility can be a swift and unfair process. A parole officer simply alleges bad behavior, and you will be left trying to convince a judge that what happened should not result in your going back to prison. At Douglas W. Atkinson, Attorney at Law, we understand how difficult these challenges can be.

By simply making a call to our office, you can get started on giving yourself the best chance at lasting freedom. We are on your side.

Call (936) 681-0031now and put decades of experience behind you.