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Sexual Assault Defense Attorney in Conroe, TX

Conroe Criminal Defense Lawyer Defending Your Rights

Sexual assault is a serious charge that can severely impact a person's future, even when they are completely innocent. The subject matter brings strong emotional responses from the public, with a person often tried in the public forum before they even have a chance to defend themselves in court.

Anyone charged with the crime of sexual assault should immediately consult with a Conroe criminal defense attorney in order to begin a strong defense on their behalf. Attorney Doug Atkinson has served his community for more than 15 years and believes in fighting aggressively to protect your rights.

Types of Sexual Assault Crimes

Sexual assault can involve many different types of crimes, including:

Whenever someone intentionally and knowingly assaults another sexually without their consent, this crime can be charged with a felony offense. If you or someone you know has been charged with this offense, the firm is ready to mount an investigation into the facts of your case in order to present a compelling defense.

Penalties for Sexual Assault Charges

The penalties for a sexual assault conviction can be harsh, including prison time, steep fines, possible mandatory counseling and registration in a sexual offender registry. When any prior criminal record exists, the penalties can be even more severe. Long after a sentence is served, a sexual assault crime can haunt you for the rest of your life.

With a sex crime conviction on your record it becomes very difficult to obtain gainful employment, educational opportunities and even housing. Let the firm work closely with you in pursuing your right to freedom and in fighting your charges. With years of experience in criminal defense, he stands ready to work diligently on your behalf in getting your charges reduced, dismissed, or fully exonerating you in court.

Contact a Conroe criminal defense attorney to protect your rights and fight your charges.