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Traffic Ticket Defense Attorney in Conroe, TX

Fighting Your Montgomery County Traffic Ticket

A Montgomery traffic ticket can have serious consequences can have on your life. It can incur considerable fines and an increase of your insurance rate. Additionally, if you accumulate too many tickets, you are also in danger of losing your driving privileges.

A Conroe criminal defense attorney can provide competent representation in a traffic case to help you avoid penalties and protect your driving record. If you are a commercial driver that has been issued a traffic citation, a qualified defense lawyer should be contacted immediately to minimize the risk of losing your job and ability to earn a living.

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Work with an Experienced Conroe Traffic Ticket Lawyer

While a traffic ticket may seem inconsequential, a conviction in a traffic case can have significant financial repercussions and could result in the suspension of your license. This includes tickets for:

Attorney Doug Atkinson is a skilled criminal defense lawyer who can provide the competent representation you will need when fighting a traffic citation in or around Montgomery County. He will do everything possible to prevent a guilty verdict and safeguard your driving record.

Traffic tickets can result in increased insurance rates that can create a significant and unexpected financial burden. When you rely on your car for transportation to work, school and other important commitments, it is important to do whatever you can to protect your driving record and license.

Attorney Atkinson will give you sound legal advice regarding your citation and defense options. Whenever possible, he will aggressively pursue a case dismissal or reduction in fine, and work to keep the violation from appearing on your record.

Contact a Conroe criminal attorney at his firm if you have received a traffic citation to discuss your legal and defense options.