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Driving With a Suspended License

Conroe Criminal Defense Lawyer

When a person's license is suspended, he/she is not allowed to legally drive for a set period of time. Once that period of time expires, the person may apply for the reinstatement of his/her driver’s license. Until then, the person cannot legally drive. Any person that operates a motor vehicle while his/her driver's license is suspended can be arrested and charged with driving while suspended.

Driving while license suspended is a serious crime and should never be taken lightly. Even though most people who drive with a suspended license are charged with a misdemeanor, there can be jail time, fines, court costs, community service and additional license suspension periods.

About a License Suspension

There are several reasons why a person's driving privileges may be suspended. A person may have his/her driver's license suspended if he/she was charged with driving while intoxicated, he/she has habitual traffic violations, he/she was involved in a car accident and was uninsured, or he/she has certain medical conditions that prevent him/her from driving.

Any person who is convicted of driving while his/her license is suspended may have to pay large monetary fines, jail time, court costs, and community service. Additionally, the terms of the person's license suspension may be extended for years.

Montgomery & Walker County Criminal Defense Attorney Douglas W. Atkinson

When you are in the face of a criminal charge for driving on a suspended license in Montgomery or Walker Counties, you will need exceptionally talented legal representation to handle your case. Attorney Doug Atkinson, the qualified Conroe criminal defense attorney, you will obtain the seasoned advocacy of his entire legal team. To learn more about defending your rights in the face of a criminal driving with a suspended license charge, call the office today.

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