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Montgomery County Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Speeding Ticket Defense in Montgomery & Walker Counties

While most drivers who get a speeding ticket think their only option is to pay it and suffer the consequences, the fact is there are defenses available to fight your citation.

Attorney Doug Atkinson has been helping residents in Montgomery County and Walker County since 1998 and is well-versed in all possible methods to contest your ticket and keep the speeding offense off of your record.

Contact the firm today to begin pursuing a defense against your ticket.

About Texas State's Point System

Texas has a points system that appears on your driving record. A speeding ticket will generally give you two points on your driving record, but it can be even more than that if you were driving with excessive speed.

Once there are a total of six points on your record, you are subject to increased surcharge violations, which could add up to thousands of dollars, since the surcharge applies for three years. Additional points could lead to suspension. When you are facing a speeding ticket, it is always best to consult with a Conroe ticket defense lawyer to find out what your legal options are.

Fighting Your Conroe Speeding Ticket

With the increased expense for paying the violation, an increase in insurance rates and possible surcharges, it is recommended to retain the firm to attempt a dismissal of the offense. Attorney Atkinson will take all possible steps in his efforts to have your charges dismissed, including working out a deal where the ticket may stay off your record, if necessary.

Don't waste your valuable time going to court or spending all that money to pay your fine. His firm takes the time necessary to appear in court, even appeal a decision so as to help avoid a conviction that can affect you for years to come. Having successfully defended numerous clients for traffic violations, he is talented at achieving the best possible outcome for his clients. For a free evaluation, contact him today.

Have you been given a speeding ticket in Montgomery County? If so, contact a Conroe defense attorney to discuss your legal options.